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About Prof . B. Suryanarain Rao

Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao : Was the one who started a crusade of Astrology in its rightful way and whatever respect the subject of Astrology commands anywhere in the world is because of him and his revered grandson Dr.B. V. Raman. Born in 1857 he went on to complete 67 books on various subjects including the immemorial "History of Vijayanagar - The never to be forgotten Empire". He took up the legal line and practiced for about 9 years as a Lawyer in Bellary. His house would be open to all classes of people always.

Astrological instincts stirred : by Thogaray Ramansastry at Bangalore when Prof Rao was in the F.A. Class. He picked up his knowledge in this science by reading books on this subject. His first work on Astrology appeared in dialect form, English and Kannada, in 1882. His collegiate studies gave no leisure for progress in his astrological researches and his book "Astrological self - instructor" first appeared in 1892, the second in 1898 and the 3rd in 1900, the interval being taken up for his legal practice. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh followed at longer intervals. An Oriya astrologer, in Parlakimidi by name Brahma, soon after the birth of Prof. Rao had foretold his future greatness. He was under the direct grace of the glorious Sun at every important turn in his life. He built a spacious bungalow at the side of a village named Hunsamaranahalli on the Nandi Road, 12 miles due north of Bangalore containing 3 acres of compound, planted with varieties of fruit and flower trees. He had a decent establishment of 10 servants, leading a quiet, honorable and religious life. He used to celebrate his birthdays on a grand scale, and it used to be visited by all classes, creeds and nationalities of people from all parts of the world. Though his earnings used to be great expenses were not small. He possessed generous instincts and always took delight in helping others. He was an admirer of all talents in any form in any man and his company itself was pleasant and instructive. He possessed fluent powers of speech and writing in almost equal degrees and this rare gift, he used to attribute to the special grace of the Goddess of learning, "Saraswathi". He was familiar with western and eastern sciences and it was great advantage to lead people wherever he was. He was a great lover of music and fine arts, and his residence was generally kept in a fashionable manner. He had, had audiences with Viceroys, Governors and Maharajas and all of them were pleased with his behavior, spirit of independence and capacity in conversation and arguments. He also received a number of "Khillats" and presents from many Maharajas and aristocrats. The National and individual , deaths of royal predictions, he made about wars, famines, deaths of royal personages, plagues, epidemics and other phenomena have been remarkably fulfilled and these facts were well known to the public as well who were in touch with his works. He predicted the Anglo German war, the nations who would be involved in its deadly folds, six months before the war, his March 1914 Magazine, and said "the war will begin in August of this year(1914)". His lectures, conversations have been highly appreciated by the cultured public. As very holy Brahmin prays earnestly after his pujas are over, Prof Rao used to pray "Swasti Prajabhyah, Paripalayamntam; Nyayena Margene Mahim Mahisah; Gobrahmanebhyassubhamastu Nityam; Lokassamastah Sukhino bhavantu; Kaley Varshantu Parjanyah Prithvisasyasalinee; Desoyam Kshobharahitaah Brahmanah Santu Nirbhayaha;Aputra Putrinah Santu Putrinassantu Poutrinah; Adaanah Sadhanassantu Jeevanti Saradassantam;".

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