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Letters of Appreciation

Dear Sri Sachidananda Babu,
Ever since I met you, whatever predictions you have given have come out absolutely true. Your predictions have shown remarkable consistency in "Horoscope Analysis" and "Prasna". (KSR, Bombay)

Dear Sir,
In the case of Ref: 2258/A/44 the readings came true. You suggested technical course of commerce/arts and initial frustration and disclocation. She joined B.Sc I, discontinued and later joined technical course in tele-communication. Thank you for your correct readings on my daughter's horoscope. (MSV, Post: Malkar Tq Udupi.)

Respected Sri Babu,
The predictions made by you for "them" for 1992-94 have come true in all respects. (CMS, Bombay.) Respected Sri Sachidananda Babu, At the outset I thank you very much for your prediction that I will have a significant overseas travel. I left India on August 17th and reached and joined duty as Specialist - Obstetrics - Gynaecologist. (Dr. K.K., Coimbatore)

Though the relations were not cordial, but as accurately predicted by you, there was no divorce. (Dr. RJG, Hyd.)

My dear Mr. Sachidananda Babu,
I must congratulate you for your predictions regarding the job, being 100% true. The problem was solved on 19th June, as soon as Jupiter entered Taurus. Your interpretations and explanations show that you are the master of the subject. (P.S.D., Bombay.)

Dear Sir,
Kindly refer to the horoscope reading 483/A along with answer to my specific question....your prediction regarding my success in competitive exam has come out true. Please accept my congratulations for the accurate prediction.H.V., New Delhi

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